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We are living in ever changing times. Its hard to believe how much life has changed over the past couple weeks and how soon we have been thrown into this “new normal”. Covid-19 and Stay-at-Home Orders has changed so much for everyone. We are now in a time where buyers hesitate at the idea of going into a showing and sellers cringe at the thought of people coming into their homes. Health is on everyone minds, as it should be.

So what can we do? Well, when it comes to finding an alternative to a personal walk-through of a home, a 360 tour is the best solution. You can control want you see and for how long you want to look there. No more wondering about what was behind a camera angle, these tours see everything. 360 tours are quickly becoming virtual showings and they are even compatible with your VR googles! Out of state buyers have loved these tours for a while now and in our current circumstances, our buyers and sellers alike are greatly appreciating this step of protection to their health and families.

In these times, I want to help make this more accessible for all my agents. So from today and running through 30 days after we are released from the Stay-at-Home Orders, I will do a 360 Tour for 30% off its normal price listed below with your standard photography package.

What package is right for me? For a basic tour you will need 1 photo for each room, 1 exterior front and 1 exterior back. Depending on the properties unique features, you may want a second picture in the following areas: large kitchens, master suites, open concept areas, great rooms, outdoor living spaces and some landings, walkways or hallways might be helpful to the flow of the tour. Let’s chat about your property and we can make a plan to best showcase your area!

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